Beetberry (Chenpodium Capitatum) is a truly unique plant also known as "Strawberry Spinach." Sprawling plants are grown primarily as a nutritious green high in vitamins C and A for salads and braising while the pleasantly sweet but fairly bland berries provide a fun accent to salads. The seeds can be ground into a meal and mixed with cereal flours in making bread It is recommended that it be soaked in water overnight and thoroughly rinsed before it is used in order to remove any saponins.

In addition to a food source Native Alaskan people, Navajo, Potowatomi, and others used the leaves as a lotion for bruises.The bright red berries were used as a red dye and ink for cloth, wood, skins, and face paint.

Preparation and Nutrition

Notes and Observations

We planted our first crop of Beetberry in '08 and it did quite well producing plenty of greens and a bunch of berries. the plant is a perrenial and as of early May '09, the plants are back up and seem to be flourishing even after a dry windy winter here at 9000 feet.