Tarryall Mountain Farms

The 2011 Season is history, and it was quite a season--- we grew a lot of produce and we got it to a variety of people who could and would use it. Special thanks go out to the folks at the Teller County Farmer's Market and to the Harvest Center-- without them we could have never dealt with all the good stuff we grew last summer.......At the end of the season we took down the fences and moved everything just down the road to the Base Camp of Outpost Wilderness Adventure. During the spring, the fence was put up and the dirt prepared for planting. Seeds were sown and after an incredibly dry period things did grow. Time will only tell if the rains were timely enough and if things will work out for the 2012 season-- we think they will, although the winter snows never did materialize and the wetlands are not full of moisture. We certainly appreciate our loyal custormers and want to say a special thanks to those of you who came out and got your hands dirty during the past few years and ot those of you who are coming out and helping us as we move forward.
Tarryall Mountain Farms is a non-profit, small, high altitude, sustainable and educational farm located in the historic Tarryall Valley of central Colorado. Located at 8900' (where the weather is interesting throughout the year) and along a meandering stretch of Second Creek (with fertile subirrigated bottom land) we continue to pursue an ever widening range of responsible farming practices and techniques to produce high quality produce. We believe that everyone should be able to eat good, locally-grown food that they can count on. Our goal is to learn and share, combining the best practices of the early Tarryall and South Park pioneers with modern sustainability to help create a more healthy future.We grow stuff without irrigation or pesticides and focus on growing the best produce, using seeds collected from responsible sources and leaving the dirt and things around us better than they were before the whole process started.

We provide local produce and educational opportunities for groups and individuals directly at the farm and send off various quantities of produce to non profit groups in surrounding counties throughout the late summer gowing and harvesting time.

Locally Grown

Growing hay, grain and produce in the Tarryall Valley is nothing new-- it's been going on for generations. But during the past 60 years agricultural efforts have focussed only on hay and cattle. We're committed to helping bring back locally grown, high altitude Park County produce to the tables of South Park and the surrounding mountain communities.
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Tarryall Mountain Farms is located on the Bison Peak Lodge property which is located in the Tarryall Valley of Colorado about half way between the towns of Lake George and Jefferson in Park County. The operation was first located on the Williams Ranch property, just down the road, and was moved to the Second Creek property at the end of the 2011 season. The growing area is in the "sweet zone" located between the Second Creek wetlands and the drier upland area of the secluded valley. The soil in that area is relatively wet and fertile. Irregularly shaped and efficiently planted plots and removeable fencing to keep out large critters provide outstanding results that can be duplicated by many in the mountains.


A major part of the TMF mission is to take what we learn and do and pass it along to others who can put it to use in their real world. Programs and hands-on experience are available for groups and individuals. Check-out our opportunities and come and get your hands dirty.